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Gestra CZ Dealer

customLogoChippewa Stone is now an authorized dealer for Gestra CZ Company, manufacturers of high quality stone splitting machines.


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“We produce a wide range of machines to split various stone sizes with various splitting strength. The splitting strength from 16 to 1200 tons allows processing of all splittable rocks, and producing of split products from the 4/6 mosaic, paving stones, and construction stone to stone blocks with dimensions 800×1600 mm even from the hardest to split materials. Our other products include splitters for cut stone slabs and concrete product splitters operated both manually and automatically. Our machines can split all splittable rocks, and thanks to their design also very hard rocks, such as granite, gabbro, basalt, andesite, diorite, porphyry and quartzite.

GESTRA splitters are in demand due to their quality and long service life, and also due to quality and quick service. Also, thanks to our experience with various quarries, we offer professional consultations concerning splitting and organization of splitting operation to our customers.”

Watch our GESTRA machines in action: